Satisfied Omaha Real Estate Customers


Todd Smith

Finding the right property at the right price and the right location has been the biggest challenge of my real estate career. I have utilized dozens of agents to assist me in the acquisition of single and multi-family properties. While I have dealt with many competent agents, none compare with Justin’s tenacity and work ethic. Justin has been more than just an agent to me. Justin brings many intangible assets that I haven’t found in any other real estate professional I have ever dealt with. He genuinely cares that I am getting the most value from my investment and he consistently exceeds my expectations  I would recommend Justin Redding to anyone who is looking to purchase a home or investment property in the Omaha area.

Todd Smith

Dan Gross

My name is Dan Gross. I am a Personal Trainer at a local gym in Omaha. I was looking for my first home and decided to use Justin Redding of Deeb Realty as my agent. Justin is not only a great friend, but also a true business professional. He was very thorough in every step of buying a home. We looked at several pre-existing homes at first. I eventually put an offer in on a house. Justin and I came to the conclusion that certain things needed to be fixed before move in. We submitted the contract with those stipulations. All said and done it was more than a fair offer with very little to be done on the sellers end. The sellers agent contacted Justin and said they wanted more for the house if they were going to fix things. We made several counter offers with no progress. Justin gave me the best advice that I could receive. He told me there are other houses and the sellers were out of control. Being so close to having a house I was discouraged, but not ready to quit.

We decided to change avenues of exploration. The pre-existing market had soured me. A friend of ours had moved into a new neighborhood that was being constructed. So we went to the showroom. Justin assisted me with all of the steps to selecting the right house for me. He saved me a lot of money and got me into a great house. Justin also went to bat for me and secured a good loan through the mortgage company.

If you are looking for an agent who is punctual, polite and truly puts their clients best interests first it is Justin Redding. He goes above and beyond to make your home buying experience pleasant.

Dan Gross, Professional Trainer

I have been working with Justin for about a year and can’t say enough about his professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm.  Having the right real estate agent is always paramount, but even more so when one has to transact most of the business from a distance.  His market knowledge gives me the confidence to trust his judgment  when decisions have to be made while I’m out of town and I look forward to many more closings in the future!

Kathy Simpson, Sr VP Institutional Sales

Amie Bybee

I have worked with Justin on many real estate transactions over the years. He is very high energy and is always looking out for his clients. Justin takes extreme pride in everything he does. He’s always available when there are questions that need immediate attention. Justin is there to help me complete all aspects of the transaction. I would highly recommend Justin Redding for all your Real Estate needs.  February 23, 2010

Amie Bybee , Escrow Closer , Omaha National Title and Escrow
worked directly with Justin at DEEB REALTY

Shawn Ilg

I have worked with Justin on past real estate transactions, and I was impressed with his work ethic and attention to detail. He has my highest recommendation. March 26, 2010

Shawn Ilg , Attorney / Associate Broker , Deeb Realty
worked directly with Justin at DEEB REALTY

Dennis McNulty

Justin is an extremely professional and personable agent to work with. I came to Justin in need to sell my house at one of the worst times of the year and not only was he very knowledgeable of the industry and home selling best practices, his response time was always quick. I had many questions and concerns for Justin and they were all answered quickly. From day one Justin had a plan of action and throughout the course of selling, Justin went above and beyond to re-evaluate the situation and market in order to consult with me for any modifications to our selling plan. With Justin’s expertise and efforts, my house sold at the asking price. It was a pleasure working with Justin and I would highly recommend him!


Dennis McNulty


After being frustrated with my first agent, I was referred to Justin.  He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional.  He answered all of my questions, was always there when I needed him, and walked me through every step of the process.  He promised me he would find me my perfect home and he did.  Even with a difficult seller, he always reassured me that everything would work out and be ok.  Justin went above and beyond to help me and is truly one of a kind.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home.  I have been in my new home for just under two months and I absolutely love it.  Words cannot describe how much I appreciate everything he has done for me.


Sherry Anderson


Buying or building a home is one of the largest and most important decisions you’ll ever make. It’s imperative you work with someone who understands the market and cares about you’re needs and desires in finding a home. There’s a great amount of trust shared between a client and their realtor. I have known Justin for over eight years and since he has become a very dear and close friend of mine. I live with a high level disability that confines me to a wheelchair. Justin took me on as a client in 2003. He helped me in rehabilitating my body strength so as to increasing my overall independence and well being. I put my life in this man hands! There’s no one I trust more than Justin!  Justin is a man of great character and lives his life with integrity. He’s a very intelligent and aggressive realtor who would be there to represent you.


Scott Grove

President\ Rehab Go



After living in an apartment for two years, I wanted to get a house for my two young children to be happy in.  I also wanted to take advantage of a buyer’s market.  I started looking on my own and quickly became overwhelmed with the numerous opportunities available in the market.    I had been a little skeptical of Realtors at times but after meeting with Justin, I was totally comfortable and trusted that he had my best interests in mind.  He took the time to listen to what I needed and what was important to me.  He was a true professional throughout the entire process and was extremely patient not just trying to get me into a house and move onto the next client.  We looked at many houses and I fully trusted his opinion and his guidance.  Many times he advised me that there were better options out there based on what I told him I was looking for.  He was a tough and fair negotiator and tried to get the best deal possible despite difficult sellers.  Not only was Justin my Realtor but he became a good friend in the process.    I still turn to him for advice well after closing and moving into my home and he has been extremely helpful. I would recommend Justin to anyone buying or selling a home and will use Justin again in the future.

Mark Eckles

Senior Vice President-Marketing at Diversified Financial Services


 When I started looking for houses I was really looking for a great deal, a needle in a haystack. Most agents are not going to be big fans of working with someone who is hesitant to put in an offer while they continue to search for that great deal. Justin never once made a comment about spending to much time looking for that perfect house and perfect deal, in fact, it was just the opposite. There were many times when he told me that we could find a better house for a lower price. In the end, he was 100% right. Look, if you want a agent who is on your side, smart and helpful then Justin Redding is who you should call. I felt like I was working with a friend the entire time, he keeps you informed on the process and returns emails and phone calls right away. In the end he is going to be on your side and take care of you. I feel lucky that I was able to have Justin as my agent and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Chris Dziadus


I would like to tell your company, Deeb Reality,and Justin Redding the great service he provided me selling my house in Omaha Nebraska.
This was a long distance sell since I had moved to Florida two years ago and he took care of my every question and problem throughout the selling process.
He guided me through the whole sell including all of my crazy questions.
He exceeded my expectiations, I felt like I was working with a friend.
Thank you Justin and Deeb Reality.

Darlene Leinen
Omaha Nebraska
Melbourne Florida


“Selling your home can be a difficult and stressful process. Any realtor can say they understand this, but Justin Redding actually demonstrates this genuine empathy in his character. Although a realtor will tell you that price and location are the main selling points of your home for the buyer, I believe the realtor truly makes a difference for the seller. With the changing of the real estate market and the dynamics of a neighborhood, selling your home can be stressful, but I can truly say that choosing Justin Redding for a realtor made a world of difference for us. He understands, and he eliminates the stress with his confidence and great sense of humor. His communication was excellent, and he assisted us above and beyond his realtor duties. I would highly recommend Justin to anyone needing a realtor. He truly is a genuine and caring person that will make your home-selling experience much more pleasant.”

Thank you again, Justin.

Jamie L. Kaipust, LICSW
Bilingual English/Spanish Therapist
A Desired Life Therapy and Counseling, LLC
“Live the life YOU Desire”